Hey Dan!

First and foremost, I close on my Destiny Home this Friday…I have built before with another company, and I can’t believe how seamless and positive this experience has been from beginning to end.  Please be sure to pass on my compliments to all the staff and contractors.  So professional, very attentive, and a pleasure to work with. 

– Abi

Fine-tuned is the word that comes to mind when I think of our experience working with Destiny Homes. From the initial meeting with Destiny Homes, we felt confident about selecting Destiny Homes to build our house. Given this was our first construction, we had numerous friends and family doling out advice, warnings and horror stories related to building and builders. We’re delight to share many jaws dropped when we informed those same friends and family of our experience — stellar. Since this was our first construction, we made numerous (2-3 times a week) visits to the site….not to oversee, but to experience the development and stages of our new home. The site was always clean regardless of our many unscheduled visits and the workers were very pleasant as we walked in between boards, concrete, nails, etc. Working with Alan and Audrey was beyond our expectations! And, we had pretty high expectations! They were extremely helpful going over the initial plans, suggestions, ideas….their knowledge regarding any question we posed was exceptional. And, if they didn’t have the immediate answer, they were quick to get the needed information. Every detail discussed was logged and marked on the plans to eliminate future questions or lack of memory on our part (which was greatly appreciated). Walk throughs were exactly right on as to every detail on the plan. Alan’s commitment to process excellence is demonstrated in the streamlined process of home building. Did I mention the deadline on our house was on time? Actually a few days early! Here we are a few months into our new home. We love the plan we selected, the choices we made (with the help of Audrey), and everything about the house. Thank you Destiny Homes!

– Gary and Karla (Pleasant Hill)

Dan and Audrey, You both have been wonderful throughout the whole process. We very much appreciate the way you do business and take care of the families you work with. I have been impressed at every step with the quality of home that you build as a standard, the way you stand behind your work, and the way you work with our quirks to make our vision a reality. Everyone I tell our stories to feels the same way. Someone I work loosely with heard I had a walkthrough on Wed and asked how it went. They assumed by the timing that it was a framing or pre-drywall walkthrough. They were amazed it was the final. I am sure you hear that all the time, but I hope it makes you feel good every time about your company and the way you conduct yourselves and your business. I also want to make a comment about the contractors. I spent more time on site than the average customer probably does. I met most of the contractors and nearly every one of them was kind, helpful, and genuinely seemed to want to do whatever made our home match our vision. No rolled eyes (at least not in front of us), no grief and no delays. Most of them acted as though they were building a house for a friend. That makes such an enormous difference.

We are glad to count you two as our friends and sincerely thank you for your efforts and patience. I know you are just doing your job, but you are like flower deliverers…you get paid to be the ones who really brighten people’s lives. Carrie and I have moved 8 times in our 10 years together and we are thrilled to think about moving for the last time (we hope) into our beautiful home tomorrow.

I know we will be working together again soon. I will call you when we need to start pulling things together for our basement project.

– Paul (Marshalltown)