1. Do you have references?

Yes. We will happily provide you with a list of references from customers that have built their home with us.

2. Where can I find a particular home model that I’m interested in visiting?

It may be difficult to find the exact model of home you are thinking of building. We have homes in the market to tour that will show you the quality of construction that you will receive from Destiny Homes.

3. What are your open House hours and how do I get directions?

You can find a current list of open house hours by looking in the news section of the web site or by contacting one of our listing agents.

4. Where can I get literature?

iterature is available for printing. Floor plans can be viewed and printed from our Floor plan area of the Web Site. If you would like literature to be mailed to you, please complete the Contact us request form.

5. What is the cost of a specific home?

Because of the many variables in building a home it is difficult to provide specific pricing here on our website. Factors such as building codes and site preparation vary from site to site. In addition, each home owner has their own unique list of features and options that they want in their new home. For these reasons pricing is only available through Destiny Homes and the listing agents.

6. Will I have a wide range of home styles to choose from?

Yes! Destiny Homes offers ranch, story and 1/2 and 2 story floor plan designs in a variety of styles. We are flexible with our standard plans and are open to making adjustments that fit each buyer’s needs. We will also work with you to design your own custom plan.

8. What distinguishes Destiny Homes from other builders?

The superior quality products and craftsmanship that create value in your home. We use products and subcontractors that consistently provide the best craftsmanship at the best price.

Destiny Homes offers you 2 x 6 construction which allows your home to meet and exceed the efficiency standards of Energy Star plus 5.

Another thing is your ability to customize. We do not limit structural options. You also have the ability to select your carpet, flooring, tile, and etc. We have a designer available to work with you to coordinate your choices. We will work with you to help develop any type of design idea you may have.

Our priority is your satisfaction, so much so that we have many repeat clients and family and friends of previous clients referred to us.


1. How can I finance my new home?

There are many methods to financing your new home.  Your agent or a Destiny Representative can walk you through many options for your new home financing.

Whether it is a construction loan, a conventional loan, or any other product we can put you in touch with multiple resources.

2. What is a Construction Loan?

A construction loan can be used to fund the building of your new home. Draws from the loan are based on the progress of your home and are approved by you and the lendor prior to payment. After the home is complete the construction loan is paid off by your mortgage.

3. When does the construction loan term begin?

Typical Construction Loans have a 12 month term which begins on the date the borrower signs the loan documents. Destiny Homes builds homes from 60-90 days. This limits the expense of the loan.

4. How do you know where to wire the funds?

Destiny Homes will assist you with this. The final documents will be prepared and in most instances the funds are released in a bank draft. All account information can be sent directly to your bank if electronic fund transferring is requested.


1. Can I make changes to my home while under construction?

Destiny Homes takes pride in building quality, well-appointed homes with pleasing design features at affordable prices. We are enabled to do so by working with select tradesmen and suppliers who are prepared to construct each home consistently in accordance with our predetermined contracting and direction. We request that Modifications to these plans are completed prior to the beginning of the construction. We pride ourselves on having an efficient and streamlined process that lowers building costs, which in turn results in a lower home price and better value for you. Having all of the decisions prior to building is an important element in meeting this expectation.

Changes once construction ensues can be completed through the home design team and may require a change fee plus the cost the changes incurred.

2. What can I expect at my Destiny Homes Design appointment?

Your designer will assist you with modifying the floor plan and personal selections for your new home. She will explain and finalize the included and optional upgrade features of your new home, detail the building schedule, cut-off guidelines and disclosures, and supply the construction team with your selections so they can deliver your home on schedule.

We will walk through the blueprint floor by floor and room by room. The designer will inform you about the standard in each of the spaces and upgrades. After the structure is reviewed you will have the opportunity to select items from the below areas and much more:

  • – Cabinets (e.g. Birch, Oak, Maple, or Cherry)
  • – Countertops (laminate, Granite, Corian®, or etc.)
  • – Flooring (e.g. carpet, tile, hardwood, or laminate)
  • – Appliances
  • – Fireplace Surrounds (i.e. tile)
  • – Lighting
  • – Plumbing Accessories (e.g. faucets, and sinks)
  • – Trim/Doors

Helpful hints:
Your appointment will take approximatly 2 1/2 hours, depending on the options and upgrades available for your floor plan.

3. What should I bring to the Home Design appointment?

To help you and your designer best select the decorator items that match your tastes and lifestyle, you may want to bring fabric swatches, wallpaper samples, photographs of furniture, and pictures from magazines of cabinets, countertops, and flooring.

4. Can we purchase our appliances, flooring, cabinets, etc elsewhere?

You would need to address this question with your designer. Your home is on a very tight schedule and we will need items for your home at a very specific time in the process. It would require a coordinated effort between you and Destiny Homes for shipping and installation of the special items at the job site.

5. Where can I find construction material to match my completed Destiny Home?

Just give us a call and we would be happy to assist you in locating the material.

6. Why do options seem to cost more through Destiny Homes than I can buy at a local home improvement store?

The home improvement store does not offer the same product, installation and warranty as the vendors of Destiny Homes. So in most cases the pricing comparison is only a piece of the whole picture.

7. Will Destiny Homes design other plans?

Yes, we will. Modifications to our base plans are most economical to build. Our draftsmen know exactly where things work best and don’t waste any space in our homes. We would be happy to look at plans you are interested in.

8. Will Destiny Homes customize?

Yes! We will customize anything you want.

9. How does your drafting work?

We contract with full time draftsmen who draw and modify plans on a CAD (computer aided drafting) system. This allows us to work closely with you to design a custom built home to meet your needs. You may already have a plan you would like to build or you may have walked through a home that you are interested in building. Our draftsmen, along with Our Designer, will work with you to make any modifications to the plan while keeping construction cost in mind. Our draftsmen can also design a plan from scratch to meet your specifications.

10. What kind of windows does Destiny Homes use?

We use Windsor Vinyl windows as our standard. In a built to order home we will be happy to use your choice of window as long as they meet the energy efficiency required by Energy Star.

11. Will Destiny Homes build my own floor plan?

Yes, Destiny Homes will build your floor plan. We will have the plan engineered prior to building to assure the structure is sound.

12. Who is the appliance manufacturer?

We use Whirlpool appliances in the market homes. In a built to order home we will be happy to use the appliances of your choice.

 Construction Process

1. When will I have a “walk thru” of my new home?

You will have two walkthroughs in the process. One just prior to insulation and drywall and the other a few days prior to close.

At the pre-drywall walk through, your designer will walk your home with you to confirm that all of the structural, electrical, plumbing, and other selections have been met. This is a time to review phone, cable, and electrical needs and make adjustments.

Approximately one week before your closing date, your Designer and Sales Person will conduct your New Home Orientation Tour. This tour will be coordinated by your Designer

2. May I have my home inspected while it’s under construction?

Yes. Your Designer will assist you in coordinating your inspector’s visit with our construction team. In the process there are independent inspections that are completed by the city and state.

3. What is the time frame for completion once I’ve completed the selections for my Destiny Home?

There are a number of variables to consider, including permitting, weather, material availability, inspections and, of course, loan processing, to name just a few. Generally, most people building a new home today are able to move in within 60 to 90 days from the date that all of the selections are complete.

4. How can my company join the Destiny Homes vendor team?

To join our vendor team, send an email to us by using the contact us form.

5. Is it okay to visit my home while it’s under construction?

Due to construction hazards, the safest bet is to wait until a scheduled site visit. At that time, a trained construction team member can walk you through your home and answer any questions in the process.

6. What are the steps in building a Destiny home?

To learn more about the construction of your Destiny Home, explore the steps in The Construction Process.

7. Can you build on an existing foundation?

In general yes. However, there are situations when an existing foundation is not suitable. To determine if it is possible to build on your site you need to contact us and we will inspect the foundation.

8. Will Destiny Homes build anywhere?

We will build anywhere in the state of Iowa.

9. How do the materials used in a Destiny Home compare to the products used in other builders’ homes?

Again, it goes back to the type of products we use as standard items in our homes. Often times when people are comparing home costs per square foot, they are not comparing apples to apples. Destiny Homes feature Windsor Windows, 95% high efficiency furnaces, 14 SEER Air Conditioners, R42 attic insulation and R19 wall insulation and quality appliances. These are optional items in many other homes. However, these items will save you time, energy and money in reduced maintenance costs.


1. How do I submit a warranty service request?

Please use the contact us form and we will be happy to help you.

2. Is the warranty transferable when the home is sold?

Our warranty is transferable to new owners for the full 10 year structural warranty period.

3. What kind of warranty program do you provide?

We provide a one year home warranty which is administered by Destiny Homes and a 10 year structural warranty through the Residential Warranty Company (RWC).


1. When should I schedule my movers?

Destiny Homes will provide you with an estimated date of closing and occupancy of your new home throughout the process. The firm close date will be set 30 days prior to close. Usually, it’s best to wait until the firm date to set a tentative date with movers or trucking companies.

2. When can I start moving my possessions in to my new home?

At the closing of your new home you will be given a set of keys which allows immediate access to move any and all items into your new home.

3. What are the benefits for homeowners of building an ENERGY STAR-certified new home?

Added Confidence
Home buying is complex enough without having to know all the details of energy-efficient construction. Instead, look for the government-backed ENERGY STAR label to easily identify homes that are truly energy efficient. Find the house of your dreams and enjoy peace of mind knowing that it also meets strict energy efficiency guidelines.

Lower Ownership Cost
Compared with standard homes, ENERGY STAR qualified homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating-delivering $200 to $400 in annual savings. Over the average 7 to 8 years you may live in your home, this adds up to thousands of dollars saved on utility bills. Additional savings on maintenance can also be substantial. Financing your home purchase using an ENERGY STAR Mortgage or an energy efficient mortgage can also lead to savings.

Better Performance
Properly installed energy-efficient improvements deliver better protection against cold, heat, drafts, moisture, pollution, and noise. An energy-efficient home helps ensure consistent temperatures between and across rooms, improved indoor air quality, and greater durability.

Smart Investment
To date, more than 8,500 home builders have partnered with EPA to construct more than 1 million ENERGY STAR qualified homes. The trend is clear. By choosing a home with the ENERGY STAR label, you can be confident that it will have an increasingly valued feature when the time comes to sell.

Environmental Protection
Did you know that your home can be a greater source of pollution than your car? In fact, 16 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are generated from the energy used in houses nationwide.

Energy used in our homes often comes from the burning of fossil fuels at power plants, which contributes to smog, acid rain, and global warming. Simply put, the less energy we use in our homes, the less air pollution we generate.